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How to manually reindex the mail full-text search

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Hi, I have a problem when I search the email, the search result is missing 3 months, but I can not reindex in the control panel. Is there any way I can reindex the email in the command line?


Hello @kmkevin

Please elaborate why you cannot run reinexation via control panel.
Additionally, please provide versions of all Workspace components (you can make a screenshot of the Updates page of Control Panel) and installation method.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Here is the screenshot.
Installed method:
I can reindex via the control panel, As I have a problem with full-text search control panel. You may see the other thread:

Full-text search no function after update to - Workspace - ONLYOFFICE

Hello @kmkevin
If you don’t mind, I will join this thread.
We discussed the issue with full-text search in the separate thread recently:Full-text search no function after update to
We communicated via private messages, I requested additional information, but I don’t see your reply there. Please clarify if the situation in your ‘old’ topic has changed\solved (Can you open full-text search page in the Control Panel?).


I sent the information you request, via private massage


Sorry, my bad. I just saw your message, and I sent you test result.

Hello @kmkevin
I’ve sent you a message via PM.