How to make heading 5 follow previous heading numbering?

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It only make where it should be

Hello @moanrisy

Please try selecting this heading style manually. To do it, select your item, in Home tab of the main toolbar find Multilevel list drop-down menu, in that menu in Change List Level apply Heading 5 style. Here is a picture for the reference:

Let me know if helps.

Thanks for the reply @Constantine , I’m desperate to make this work because I didn’t like any other offices app in linux.

There is no item in my style.

If I select style, it seem only limit it to heading 4, how to increase it?
There is style which say ‘heading 5’ not (but this not work either)

Please pay attention that you’ve opened Numbering drop-down menu, whilst I’ve pointed to the Multilevel list. I hope this screenshot brings a bit more clarity: