How to link several contacts to a meeting

As far as we have understand it is only possible to link one contact with an event report. We held a meeting with a prospect, and there is for instance 3 peoples from this company participating and two from our side.
How can we link these 3 peoples to the event report we write in the company profile?
And how can we link the different users participating in the meeting from our side?
If this is not possible it would be a very useful feature to add.


Thank you for your interest in our software!

Unfortunately, this function is currently not available in ONLYOFFICE. We will definitely forward your message to the development department for further consideration.

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Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your answer.
Indeed it seems to be a very important features, with the development of videoconferences where there is several people participating!
I hope it will be soon available, as this is a real limitation compared to other CRM.


You can try the following:

When creating and editing an Opportunity, in addition to Opportunity contact, you can add Other opportunity participants. To do this, you need to click on the “+” next to Opportunity contact and select contacts from the drop-down list.

You can also try to create a Case and add several participants for it as well.

We hope this would meet your expectations.

Hello Andrew
Thank you for your answer.
This is more or less what we are doing. But this is not satisfactory.
Let say I start a case called International fair. I add to it the target companies I hope to meet. During the fair I meet the company A, and Mr X et Ms Y participate to the meeting. So I write inside the case, a meeting. I can add one participant, and this is the company A, not Mr X and Ms Y.
Same thing with the Opportunity. Indeed I can add several participant to an opportunity, the company A and Mr X and Ms Y. But when I add an entry (say a meeting or a phone call or a visio) in the hystory of the opportunity, I can only link to one contact. So how I can report on a meeting with Mr X AND Ms Y ?
I really think that this is an indispensable function of CRM. Especially now with video conferencing, where you don’t call a single person anymore, but you can easily have a meeting with several people from the target company…



Thank you again for the explanation.

Regret to say, but there is no such features in the ONLYOFFICE. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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