How to keep the text font unchanged when opening a microsoft word in onlyoffice

Hi,onlyoffice engineer,
I have encountered a problem. In Microsoft Office Word files, the text font is Times New Roman, but when the same file is opened for online editing in OnlyOffice, the font changes to Arial.
How should I set up to open Microsoft office word in onllyoffice and keep the font in the source file?

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I am using Workspace and Docspace;
OS: Ubuntu;
Browser version: Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome

Hello @ZhangChuanliang

Please provide more information about this case:

  1. version of ONLYOFFICE Docs (Document Server) that is used in this test;
  2. version of MS Word that is used in this test;
  3. where the file is created originally.

If I understand correctly the issue is that after editing a document which contains Times New Roman font in MS Word and opening this file in ONLYOFFICE Docs, the content of the document is displayed in Arial, is that correct? If so, please provide test document which demonstrates this issue for analysis.

Hello, @Constantine

2. version of MS Word:Microsoft 365 Business Standsrd.
3. The file was initially created in MS Word.

yes, you unuderstand correctly.
Microsoft Word.docx (14.7 KB)

Thanks for the file. I think I was able to reproduce the issue but I’d like to ask you to specify this moment: which font exactly is used when creating new files in your MS Word? Please check by creating new file, opening fonts drop-down menu - please make a screenshot to confirm.

It seems that this issue is related to the Times New Roman (heading) font exactly. We found out that there is a bug with this font and when opening a document with this type of font it gets replaced with Arial. Thank you for reporting that.

As a workaround you can try setting up regular Times New Roman font, i.e. without (heading), it should perform well.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

yes, thank you for your testing and response.
In the same file, there is no problem with the Times New Roman font, but if it is a Times New Roman (标题CS)(as shown in the following figure) font, it will become Arial.

I believe it is a translation of heading, so it is the same font.