How to I contribute to the editors?

I’d like to fix some things that are annoying me in the editors (both web and desktop, as they seem to be the same codebase), but there’s very little information on how to contribute. doesn’t mention direct code contribution at all, only things like translations and plugins.

I can see that the desktop editor is just the web editor packaged in Chromium Embedded Framework, so it’s a bit like an Electron app. They both share the same code, which is in

This still leaves a lot of questions, though:

What is the best development workflow if I want to make changes? Should I test in the browser or the desktop app? If the desktop app, can I open the dev tools? How do I get an environment set up so that I can make changes? Do I just download the whole desktop or server source code, make changes to the web-apps submodule and re-run the build script for the whole thing? It seems to be set up for Ubuntu (I’m on Arch), and to use the master branch rather than the develop one - should I change this to the develop branch?

It doesn’t seem like any of this was designed with external contributions in mind, could that be improved or does OnlyOffice not want external contributions?

Hello @circuit10
We recently discussed it here: How to understand the flow of the project? - #4 by Alexandre
We do not provide support for source code changes on the forum. If you need some help with such questions, it’s better to create an issue on GitHub, my colleagues will check it out.
Also you can create PR to some component on GitHub.