How to get the edited file stream

I am editing a word document and want to integrate it with the Vue program.

My purpose is to put onlyOffice as an online editor, files and other logic into our own system,Therefore, after editing, I want to obtain the file stream and save the file stream through the interface.

But I checked the relevant documentation and found that there is only the callbackUrl parameter, which does not meet my expectations because I only want to serve onlyOffice as an online document editor.

If you have any better suggestions, please help me answer it, I will be very grateful´╝ü

Hello @Lees
Would you mind describing your desired goal as detailed as possible? You can make screenshots or draw a scheme.

I want to get the edited document flow of a word document. Is there any way?

As far as I understand, this can only be achieved through callbackurl

Could you please provide us with your desired goals and usage scenario? It would help us to check out possible solutions.