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How to get the contentcontrol's value when contentcontrol losts its focus

I’m using plugins to develop and have some problems.

The first question:

How to get the contentcontrol’s content value when contentcontrol losts its focus.
window.Asc.plugin.event_onBlurContentControl = function(oPr)
//Is here can get contentcontrol’s content value? How to coding?

The second question:

Is there has one method like ctrl+F shortcut key to find and position content.
How to implement in plugins.

Document Server version:onlyoffice-ee-7.4.0-163
Browser version:chrome-114.0.5735.199 (64 )
OS:CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009
Docker version:20.10.12


To get the value of some content control, you need to select it first.
and then get the text via init event.

Please have a look at this plugin to see how it is implemented:

As for search method, please take a look:

Do you mean the init event refers to window.Asc.plugin.init.
But how to get the value of SelectContentControl in window.Asc.plugin.init.
I am a beginner and thank you very much for your guidance.

Please install the example plugin given above and check how selecting a content control and getting its value is implemented there.

I download the source code of Work with content controls navigation plugin and review code.js only find how to get InternalId、Id propertys,but I want to get its text information.

If you navigate between the Content Controls in this plugin example, you can see that it gets the text of the Content Control and displays it in the ‘Selected’ field of the plugin.

Thank you for your patient guidance.
I noticed that the text of control content has been selected and its text can be captured in window.Asc.plugin.init method when navigated the labels.

In my scenario,when the control content loses its focus its text shoud be attained.
So the window.Asc.plugin.event_onBlurContentControl method has been registered and was triggered when the control content lost its focus.

But after the control content has been selected in window.Asc.plugin.event_onBlurContentControl method the window.Asc.plugin.init method was not triggered.

How to get the text in window.Asc.plugin.event_onBlurContentControl method.