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How to get/read Table Content?

I have a table in which i want to read the content of table through CTable Object that I get in the application, Since the Content(TableRow->TableCell->Content->Paragraph->ParaRun->paraText) in the ParaText is in charCode, these are to read with converting them,so is there any method or way to get these all together?
Like we have GetCurrentTable method in CDocument prototype.
ShareTable I have the docx file which has the table and contents in it.


  • Able to read the Contents of Table
  • Find a method to get all the Paratext and convert it to string(if possible).
  • How does OnlyOffice read/parse the table data?

OS version: Ubuntu 20.04LTS
App version: DocumentServer 7.0.1
Downloaded from: GITHUB

You can find all spreadsheet related methods for the Document Builder here:

There are no methods to stringify the table content.

Actually my work is around DOCX so i will get any related methods in
ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Structure of a text document ,right ?

Okay, so if i were to debug and understand it, i have to write my own code to get CharCode to str ? because i want to just understand what the values are actually.


Yes, I think so.

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Thank you for confirming it.