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How to get callbackUrl

I hope you are well, I would like to know how to obtain the url callback, Im using onlyoffice community server, Through the browser I inspected the url that it gave me, editing the document as follows: stream_auth=422717321561.APS8TAF73OJNHPXFHZ0LOFXDNFPATM3DSPYO4Z3QZ0
&X-REWRITER-URL=http%3a%2f%2f9dfa9f586b56%3a80, but when I’m configuring the token I don’t know how stream_auth=422717321561.APS8TAF73OJNHPXFHZ0LOFXDNFPATM3DSPYO4Z3QZ0, how to make this parameter work for me because when I pass it to it works but I can’t generate it automatically, I used the api 2.0/files/file/10/presigneduri and it works, but for callback it doesn’t work

Hello @Crarmon19
To be honest, your final goal isn’t clear for me. Please describe your usage case. Are you independent integrator?

I used the api 2.0/files/file/10/presigneduri and it works

This is Community server API (to get file which is stored on Community server). But your callbackUrl mention is related to Document server API. Please check out this title: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Callback handler
Please describe your final goal and provide us with general information about your installation (OS, exact product, versions).