How to edit new.docx template to change margins

I want to permanently change the margins to US Normal in new.docx template. I cannot save the new parameters to the new.docx file using Save As… Where can I find the file in the OnlyOffice flatpak installation? I want to either change the name or replace the file with the new parameters, but I can’t find it. Looking for help. I am using Linux Mint 21.2 with OnlyOffice 7.5 Thanks

Hi @mjh ,

Every time I upgrade my version of OnlyOffice, I replace the default templates with my own. I keep the template files in my own document folder and copy them over the new installation files.
I also keep a backup of the original files, just in case.

I use OnlyOffice on Windows, but this post;

describes a path to one possible location for the template files, which may be a clue as to where to find them on your platform.

Remember to take backups before overwriting any files. And if it works, keep a copy of your modified versions as they may get over-written during upgrades.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, in my case, the path ends at /home/mylogin/.local/share/flatpak/. There is no /apps folder. Hopefully, there is an answer somewhere.

Of course, the best answer would be for the OnlyOffice programmers to add the feature to make permanent changes to the default template.

… it may be a bit time consuming for your computer, but perhaps you could get it to search for “converter/empty/en-US” on your computer.
That seems to be consistent across all platforms. My windows files are also there.

Thanks again. That worked to find the template files. I am a linux newbie, so now all I need to do is learn how to change the file and folder ownership permissions so I can rename the file and paste a new template.

Hello @mjh
Did success happen?

I’m might have had success by now if I weren’t so new to Linux and knew how to change folder and file permissions so I could edit and replace the needed template files. I found them but I am not knowledgeable enough at this point on on how to change folder and file permissions so I can modifying them. Any help would be appreciated.

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You can create a formatted file named “new.docx” and place it in the Documents folder.

For deb packages, you can use the following command:

sudo cp /home/YourLogin/Documents/new.docx /opt/onlyoffice/desktopeditors/converter/empty/en-US/

Make sure to replace “YourLogin” with your actual username.

  • en-US (<= attention to your language)