How to display a message using a macro?

Please help me understand which function can be used to output a message. I tried to use the alert function, but for some reason it doesn’t work. So far I’m using the confirm function, but it doesn’t quite suit me. We need an analogue of the MsgBox function in VBA.

Hey @gleb734

We have enhancement suggestion to add possibility to call message boxes from plugins/macros registered in our internal tracker.

We are working on it already.
I’ve added your request to mentioned suggestion.

Sorry for the inconvenience :pensive:

It would also be nice if you made a simpler syntax for accessing a cell with a given address. Your syntax is Api.getActiveSheet().GetRangeByNumber. In Excel — Cells. Sorry, this is a bit off topic, but it would still be a great relief for developers.

Agreed, it’s a bit off-topic. :upside_down_face:
Next time, please create a separate topic :wink:

As for your question, what is unsatisfactory about working with the method Api.getActiveSheet().GetRangeByNumber?

You see, a lot of your methods have too complex syntax, which reduces performance and makes it difficult to understand the code. For example, the Excel expression “Range(A1) = 5” in your case looks like “Api.getActiveSheet().Get Range(“A1”).SetValue(5);”. Agree, it takes longer to write, and it is more difficult to understand. And so it is in almost everything. I (and, I think, not only me) would be very happy if you simplified the syntax for the most commonly used functions (Cells, Range, Selection, ActiveCell).

Hey, @gleb734 I shared your idea with colleagues.
It’s a good idea. :+1: We will create a proposal for implementation. If any additional information arises, I will let you know!