How to debug macros!

Hello, Alexandre!
Yes, I can add this function to my code and use it for notifications in different scenarios.

Hello @malubimcev
Wow, thank you!
I’ll take a closer look at it.

Hello again @malubimcev
It seems that your script is using undocumented feature. Please bear in mind that calling Common object from the outside might work incorrectly. We are planning to add official method for such scenarios in v.8.1. Meanwhile, you are using this feature without any guarantees of correct functionality from our side.
Thank you for pointing us to this situation!

Hello, Alexandre!
Thank you for information, I really understand the risks and accept responsibility for this. In most cases this is not required, I use console.log() to write info in debug mode.
It would be cool if you add functionality like “alert” and “prompt” in official API.
Thank you!