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How to create presentation from potx

I am looking for how with OnlyOffice Desktop to use templates.

This is a feature I use a lot.
I have about fifteen dotx models, three potx.
When I open “MsOffice > new” it offers me to create documents or presentations by choosing a template.
He then creates a compliant document and offers me to save it as a document (docx or pptx) and not as a template (dotx or potx).
To do this, it’s very simple, just place them in the “Templates” folder.

But with OnlyOffice I can’t find how to do it.
“File > New” only offers blank documents.
And opening a dotx or potx opens the template and does not allow creating a new document from the template.

How to find this function?
Thank Jean-Yves Terrien

Hello @sekaijin
Probably you can achieve desired scenario with this plugin: sdkjs-plugins/templates at develop · ONLYOFFICE/sdkjs-plugins · GitHub
you will be able to create and use your custom templates.


Thank you for that answer.

It indeed seems to be as needed.
I still think that the use of mockups is very common and should be managed easily and turnkey.

Sincerely, Jean-Yves Terrien

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