How to create powerpoint template?

How do I create a powerpoint template that I can save and use for all my presentations?

Also, whenever I design a slide the way I want it and create a new slide, it doesn’t allow me to use the same design unless I duplicate the slide. This is a problem because I still have to make changes if the layout is different for each slide. It’s like I have to design a new slide every time I create a new one.
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Hello @akorn

Please clarify what do you mean by ‘template’. Do you mean theme?

If not, then you can create new presentation from a template with Files > Create from template.

What is the difference between a template and a theme? I just mean slides with a specific color and font that I can user over and over again.

Hi @Constantine
I jump in to ask a related question : is it possible to update an existing template to make it match with our needs ?

Hello @akorn
When you use Files > Create from template, you are creating .pptx file based on another (custom) potx\otp file. Meanwhile, the theme menu is needed to change your current presentation style.

Hello @arcqus

is it possible to update an existing template to make it match with our needs ?

Sure, the file creation process uses premade templates for docx\xlsx\pptx files. We discussed this functionality in other threads, for example here: Permanently change default font - #2 by Alexandre
So, you can replace default .pptx file with your one. This way, each time you create a new presentation, you will get your template.
Please clarify, if I misunderstood your request.

When I click on create new slide, it never creates an identical slide from the theme I’m using. It’s just white background and black font. So I have to design every single slide I create. This is unusable.

Hi @Alexandre

Yes, I’m aware of that.

However, a short while after I did it, I also discovered this :

And this is something really boring which made me giving up (I did not remember until I read your answer).
Couldn’t it be possible to store in the user profile some styles in addition to document’s styles ? (I think it is the way MSO works).

Dear @arcqus and @akorn

We have two earlier registered suggestions to implement possibility to add custom themes to presentation editor in Desktop Editors* and another one to add possibility to create new themes in general. I am adding both your queries to these suggestions.

Once these enhancements are brought to new version of Desktop Editors I will let you know.

* - currently option to add custom themes to presentation editor is only available for ONLYOFFICE Docs.

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