How to create a quotation for a sales opportunity

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I’m in the process of setting up the CRM module. And I’m looking for a way to create a quotation for a sales opportunity. I’m familiar with the invoice section but I couldn’t find a way on how to create a quotation.

Any hint in the right direction is much appreciated.


If we understand you correctly, in the opportunity you can specify currency, amount and type. If you have something more specific in mind, we will be glad if you tell us more about the function you want, so that we could advise you better,

Please use our Help Center to find information on how to set opportunities: Managing opportunities.

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Hi Andrew, thank you for you quick reply.

basically the complete same thing as an invoice but labelled as quotation/offer or in German “Angebot” this is a standard process in the DACH region. The client likes to know what a certain product or service is about to cost and therefore you send him a quotation or an offer. If the client accepts your terms you close the deal, ship the product and send the invoice. So far I couldn’t find any way to implement this process in your CRM


Thank you for clarification.

We understood the idea. Please be advised that at the moment such a function is not available in ONLYOFFICE and is under consideration, the exact date of its realization is still unknown.

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Hi Andrew,

Ok, so what is your suggestion in order to circumvent the fact that this feature is currently not present? What would be a feasible work flow with the existing product to achieve the desired output.

Also do you offer special customization work? I think I have a few interesting proposals on how this feature could be implemented with minimal effort.

Also I’ve seen there is an invoice plugin for the document editor which allows to work with variables I guess from the CRM system. Some examples:


unfortunately I couldn’t find any documentation on how this plugin should be used.

As you may already realised this feature is crucial to us so I will not give up easily :wink:


Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have the necessary tools to create quotations. As we already mentioned, this feature has already been submitted for review at the moment. The exact date when the feature will be added is currently unknown.

You can find instructions for using the Invoices plugin on this page.

Thank you for your understanding.

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