How to completely uninstall Workspace on Windows Server?

OS: Windows Server 2022 Datacenter

The Setup wizard installs a lot of dependencies like descriped in Installation von ONLYOFFICE Workspace für Windows auf einem lokalen Server - ONLYOFFICE
It also makes some Server settings, especially in the IIS.

Does anyone have a list of steps, that I could do, to totally uninstall OnlyOffice Workspace and bring back the IIS-Settings?

Hi @Oerb:wave:

Unfortunately, there is currently no official instruction.
I will add information here if there are any updates regarding your question.

Thank you, @Nikolas

Maybe there exists a kinda list, which changes the installation process does. That would help, too, so I could go through the list from end to beginning …

I wanted to clarify, what issue are you facing?

We recommend installing Workspace/DocSpace/Docs on a clean server.
Perhaps, in this case, it might be easier to simply roll back the system.

After I installed Workspace I also installed some other software, that I still need. So I just want to uninstall Workspace. So a roll back isn’t a solution.
I think, it should be really always possible to have an uninstall routine beside an installation routine :slight_smile:

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After uninstalling the Community Server via Programs & Features, the website and the pool in IIS are removed accordingly.

Unfortunately, we cannot automatically remove third-party components since they might be used by other applications.