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ONLYOFFICE DocSpace released

How to completely disable internet access for WorkSpace and Docs?

Hello. I installed the excellent OnlyOffice SpaceWork program on a local Windows 2016 x86 server. Also before that I installed OnlyOffice Docs.

Tell me, is it possible to somehow completely disable Internet access for all OnlyOffice components? I would very much like OnlyOffice not to collect any information and it is especially important that the documents do not end up on the network.

I tried to disable in the firewall:

  1. ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer Proxy Service
  2. ONLYOFFICE Jabber

But when registering in WorkSpace, I still received an e-mail to confirm my account.

I would like to block internet access so that WorkSpace can’t even send emails.

Is it possible?

That is, I would like to completely disable the possibility of any OnlyOffice connection to the Internet, both for OnlyOffice Docs and OnlyOffice WorkSpace.

Hello @maslov

I see that you have also opened an issue on GitHub. Please continue further discussion there, my colleague will provide feedback in regard of your query.

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