How to change the storage of document server from PostgresSQL to Amazon S3

Document Server version: Developer Edition [ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.1]
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe) Docker
OS: Mac
Browser version:
I have followed steps from below docs:

But not able to change the storage.
Could you please help on this.

Hello Damaji,
Please specify exactly what you mean by ‘storage’. Is it the document storage where the document server must download files from?
PostgreSQL doesn’t store any files, it stores only changes that are added to files while they are being added.

Storage means the place

  1. from where it download the docs.
  2. After editing where it saves the files.

Document Server has nothing to do with storing your documents. It only downloads files to its cache for editing and when the editing is finished, it builds a file and sends the download link to the callback handler that is located in the storage application.
Please read these articles:

okay thanks for reply then how to set the storage to amazon S3 in document storage service

Document storage is not a part of the Document Server. Document storage is the application you integrate the Document Server with.

okay thanks for reply.
Two questions
1. How to get the edited PDF from Document server and then add to own storage server.
2. How to load the docs from own storage to Document server to edit.

  1. Document Server cannot edit PDF files. You can edit document files (like docx) and then convert them to PDF:
    ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Converting and Downloading File
  2. Please check the above reply, I have given two links to our API documentation about opening and saving files.