How to change default fonts and add fonts

I am using DocSpace and WorkSpace product.
How to set the default fonts for opening a Document to Times New Roman? And add New fonts?
Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

Hi @ZhangChuanliang :wave:
I hope this is exactly what you were looking for.

My fellow moderator on the forum posted the following guide on how to change the document template for WorkSpace in this thread. Many thanks to him for that! (link)

I’ll include his guide here and also add instructions on how to modify document templates for DocSpace.

Workspace/DocSpace uses certain templates for every new document, and these templates are corresponding to the language of the portal.
You can use customized document templates as a workaround solution in this case. First, you have to create new document templates:

  1. create new empty files of docx, xlsx and pptx formats and set the language to the desired one;
  2. save them with next names new.docx, new.xlsx and new.pptx.

For Workspace

  • Connect to your onlyoffice-community-server container and get to next folder /var/www/onlyoffice/WebStudio/Products/Files/DocStore/new/


For DocSpace


Connect to your onlyoffice-files container and get to next folder



  1. In this folder you will see different catalogs containing templates for every language.
    Open the folder with the language that you are using on your Workspace/DocSpace, for example, English (United States) is en-US (to check it out click on your name > Profile), and replace existing files with recently created ones.
    From that point, when user creates new document the Document Server will use these templates for every new document so the language will be set to the document by default.

Note that if your users are using different languages of the Workspace/DocSpace (they can be set for each user personally) then you will have to replace templates in each folder that is corresponding to the used on the Workspace/DocSpace language.