How to build open source desktop editor using xcode

Got error “Command PhaseScriptExecution failed with a nonzero exit code”. Shell script required to copy files from build_tool.

how to build build_tools for reach /…/…/build_tools/out/mac_arm64/onlyoffice/desktopeditors this path. According to GitHub - ONLYOFFICE/build_tools: Used to build ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer-related products macos having 2 files which file required to build. please provide guidelines for mac/xcode.

Hi @surajpatil :handshake:

  1. There are no specific instructions available for compiling the desktop version of the application in Xcode.
  2. I’m not sure whether you used build_tools for compilation.
  3. The screenshot displays an error due to the absence of necessary libraries, which should be generated using build_tools. These libraries should be located in the specified folder shown in the screenshot (line 16) after using build_tools.
  • You need to create a configuration file for build_tools, specifying the components for compilation.
  • Once the build_tools complete the compilation of libraries, you can open the desktop project in Xcode and commence compilation.

Thanks Nikolas for reply, i had tried to build build_tools/tools/mac/ but the only 2 files available are available for mac (7za and toolchain.prf). Which file help to build and any command for build this file please write.

Hello, @surajpatil
We are planning to publish an official guide on the

I will update this thread once the guide becomes available.