How to allow Private IP to access onlyOffice documentServer?

Do you want to: How to turn on allowPrivateIPAddress and allowMetaIPAddress for documentServer in docker.
DocumentBuilder version: 7.4.1
Installation method: Docker
OS: Mac

Hello @Harishkumar

Locate default.json config in /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver inside the Docker container with Document Server first.

To connect to the container use command docker exec -it [ID] bash where [ID] is the ID of Document Server container. To enlist all running containers use docker ps.

Then in the default.json config locate this section:

			"request-filtering-agent" : {
				"allowPrivateIPAddress": false,
				"allowMetaIPAddress": false

Change values false to true like that to allow these parameters:

			"request-filtering-agent" : {
				"allowPrivateIPAddress": true,
				"allowMetaIPAddress": true

Restart Document Server services with supervisorctl restart all to apply these changes.