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How to access the files created/edited via the OnlyOffice connector in Humhub?

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Where are the files, used/posted in the OnlyOffice connector, stored in Humhub/OnlyOffice, and how to access them? Also, is it possible to access them via the REST API?

Hello @shrey
I believe the description is needed. The Document server doesn’t contain any data (files or users’ data). When a user opens a file for editing, editing session is started. While editing session is in progress, all file data is stored on Document server side. When editing session is closed (all users closed browser tab with the file), Document server builds a new version of the file and sends it to storage (HumHub in your case).
I believe these titles will be useful:

So, if your final goal is to get files which are stored on HumHub side via API, I believe you have to contact HumHub team to check it out, because Document server is an editor tool in fact and it doesn’t store files.
If I misunderstood the situation, please clarify it.

Alright. That really helped me get an understanding of the process here!

Will connect with HumHub for further info.


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