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How to access a file someone share to me via OneDrive?


I downloaded the Linux App, the version is
I want to collaborate on a Word document created by a friend. He shared the document to me via Onedrive. I linked my OnlyOffice account to my OneDrive account. From the OnlyOffice app on my desktop, I can perfectly access and open my own OneDrive documents, but I cannot access my friend’s document.

Did I miss something in the process?

Thanks very much for an answer.

Hello dear user. Can you please specify what editor are you using (ONLYOFFICE for Personal Use / free cloud portal) ? Please note, that when a OneDrive account is connected - it will only see your own documents.

Hi, thank you very much for your answer.

I’m using the desktop editor, so I guess it’s the “Personal Use” option.

Okay, so, if I want to edit a document from someone else’s OneDrive account, I need to connect my local editor to his OneDrive account. I thought that, if that person shared this document to my OneDrive account, I would be able to access it from my local editor.

Hello @cbrizard
Please provide us with exact issue issue scenario (step-by-step). Also let us know the products which you are using. Do you use Desktop editors only? or perhaps ‘Personal’ ( or server-based Workspace?
I’m trying to understand how exactly you connected OneDrive to your Desktop Editors.

Hi @Alexandre thank you for your answer!


  1. I installed the Linux Desktop Editor
  2. Created my account on OnlyOffice Personal
  3. Linked my OnlyOffice Personal account to my OneDrive account: I can perfectly see all my documents, except the one shared to me by other users
  4. I linked my Desktop Editor to my OnlyOffice Personal account, following these instructions. Here, I get the same result as in my OnlyOffice Personal account online: I can see and edit my own documents, but not the ones shaed to me.

Hope it’s clearer now, thank you very much in advance for your help.

PS: I do all of this to try to convince someone to get away from Word!

Hello @cbrizard

Could specify where is the shared file located in your OneDrive storage? Is it in ‘My files’ tab or ‘Shared’?

Hi @Constantine

It’s definitely in the ‘Shared’ tab, which seems logical to me, as it was created and shared by someone else.

Unfortunately, due to peculiarities of OneDrive storage organization we cannot access the Shared folder since it is not related to the main file catalog tree of the storage and as a result is not shown in the list in our personal cloud.
As you have mentioned it correctly, you can connect your friend’s account to your personal could as a workaround.

Thank you for your answer, I hope one day this will work, the main reason why this friend stays on Word is to be able to collaborate on shared documents.