How editor.bin files are decrypted in javascript?


I am currently evaluating DocumentServer for online editing documents in a security software company. Once I will be satisfied with the product, we will be engaging your sales team for further process. But before that I have a question:

Documents are converted to editor.bin on server and send on browser for rendering. On browser how this editor.bin is decrypted to get actual content? What is the logic for decryption of editor.bin?

Hello @jackn

Please visit this page to find more information about the security measures (including information about encryption) on Document Server side:

If you don’t find information that interests you on the page mentioned above, please contact our Sales department at, they will assist you.

I went through the link that you have attached. It was really helpful and solved some of my queries. However, I still have one ques, after .bin file is sent on user browser there the Document server has no control. In that case anyone can decrypt the editor.bin data to get the actual file content. To avoid this, I wanted to know the encryption-decryption logic to decrypt the editor.bin file so that I can further encrypt it using my own custom logic on javascript.

Unfortunately, we don’t have this information in our documentation. If you are interested in a deeper evaluation of the Document Server, please feel free to contact our Sales department to discuss the integration possibilities and peculiarities.

we are doing some research on the document server and would like to konw is there some ways to decrypt the editor.bin file to plain text and see the conent?

Hello @fantasyxw

As I can see my colleague has already answered you in other thread.