How do I set a range to be editable in protected mode

I want to edit a part of something, and I do it like this, I open a document in protected mode, and there’s a lot of bookmarks in it, and I can get a range (type) based on the bookmark, and I can set that range to allow editing or is there any way to set a bookmark to allow editing,I looked through the api documentation and found that there was no such way,I see a lot of friends asking similar questions,I am doing technical research now, there are some obstacles in this scenario at present, if there is a way to support it, we will buy the license

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Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
OS: docker
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Hello, @wind :handshake:

I understand that there’s a possibility of misinterpretation of your question.

Could you please clarify the following information:

  1. Do you have a video demonstrating the functionality you are requesting?

  2. It’s possible that you are referring to the following statement: here
    (Protect a document and mark the parts that can be changed)

If you have any additional details or specific questions, feel free to provide them :slightly_smiling_face: