How do I change the default language in OnlyOffice?

How do you change the default document language? I’m using UK English and every new document I create is defaulting to US English, and I’m having to manually change it.

  • There’s no option for it in settings. (“Interface language” doesn’t have a 1:1 correlation with document languages)
  • When setting the document language for an individual document, it doesn’t present anything about a default language.
  • It’s not pulling the language from the system.

Hello @Hanii

Document Server uses document templates for new files.
Please specify if your instance of Document Server is integrated with any storage, e.g. Nextcloud, ownCloud, etc.

I’m just using OnlyOffice by itself, I’m not integrating it with anything else.

Please specify the product that you are using. Is it Document Server or Desktop Editors?

The Desktop version.

Please provide information about your OS and installation type of Desktop Editors, e.g. packages, flatpak, etc.

Pop OS 22.04 running KDE, OnlyOffice is installed as a flatpak.

Hello @Hanii

For flatpak installation document templates are located in ~/.local/share/flatpak/app/org.onlyoffice.desktopeditors/x86_64/stable/active/files/bin/opt/onlyoffice/desktopeditors/converter/empty. In this folder you will find other folders named after the interface settings, e.g. es-ES for Spanish, fr-FR for French and so on.

You can copy all three files new.docx, new.xlsx and new.pptx from folder en-GB (English - Great Britain) to folder en-US (English - United States) so Desktop Editors will be using these documents as templates for creating new documents.
In general, you can edit these templates in en-US folder to your liking.

Another way, you can create a document with all desired settings and place it into /home/Templates directory. After that you will be able to create documents based on this template via contextual menu > New document and selecting needed template.

This seems a lot more involved than I’d expect it to be to change my default language - I’d expect there to just be an option in the settings page to choose which language I wanted to use for new documents.

We have registered the enhancement suggestion number 62168 in our internal tacker to add two variants of English (US and UK) to the language settings of the Desktop Editors so there would be no need to change templates manually.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Following this process for Win 10 was not very tidy either as Administrator privileges were required to copy the files.
Although it is technically only a partial solution. As I am Australian, normally I would use en-AU.
There are dictionary files for en-AU, but not Template support for en-AU.

But at least, UK English is closer than US English, but I would agree with Hanii that I would have expected a setting to define the default language, especially as the application is not paying attention to the regional settings in the OS.

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I second this motion - but for .deb linux

I just took this a step further.
I created my own new.docx file.

Not only did I set the Document and Text languages to Australian, but I also changed the base Style sheet so that base font was Calibri instead of Arial, and tweaked the various styles for Font, size, spacing, colour, etc.

I then copied this one over the version in the en-US folder, so now File / New uses this revised document as the template for future documents.