How can i create a lookup sequence in serveral columns

I have a list with a small set of my basic data and (on the next sheet) a matrix with the lookup-values in the first row and the first column. In a small version this looks like that:

I would like to automaticaly fill the matrix. As the first step it should lookup the values of the first row in the first column of my basic data. If the value was found, do the same with the value of the first matrix-column with second basic-data-row.
I’m trying to create two versions:

  1. Just fill the matrix with “true” / “false” (or “1” / “0”) whenever the value combination exists.
  2. Return the data (columns “Data_1” and “Data_2”) into the matrix fields.

I tried different ideas with “SVerweis” or “WVerweis” (aka “vlookup” or “slookup” - i’m using a german version) but without success.
Meanwhile i thing that it might be easier to write a macro or script but i’m a OnlyOffice-Noob never did something like that.

Can anybody help or has some ideas for a different approach?

Hello @grama281
I’m not sure that I can help with this request since we don’t have ready-to-go solution (macro example with the same scenario).
Sorry for inconvenience.