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How can I control the list that appears in a dropdown for a range of cells?

i set up NextCloud and OnlyOffice recently and I’ve started creating some spreadsheets for my project. I’m unable to work out how to control what items appear in a dropdown list which pulls its items from a range in another tab.

The file I’m working on is imported from an Excel spreadsheet someone else made and already contained a tab for items, one per line, which are chosen from a dropdown which appears on a particular cell in each line.

My problem is even after going through the help info, I can’t work out how the cells can be set to refer to a range of cells to use in the dropdown. I can’t edit what I’ve got, and I can’t work out how to set up a new dropdown with a new range.

Must be missing something, but what? Thanks.

Hello @adam42
Sorry for the late reply.
Would you mind providing us with mentioned file and detailed description of the situation? You can record a videofile. It will help us to understand the issue scenario.

Hi Alex,
thanks for the reply. The file actually had nothing to do with the problem! Doing a video would not have been much use to you either. The problem is that I didn’t know how to set up data validation for a cell based on a named range

I’m very aware that I should RTFM, but I can’t find any description of this or other basic sorts of operation on the net. I figured it must be because it’s exactly the same as Excel or Libreoffice. In fact the data validation is exactly the same, at least to the extent that I’m doing it.

The other problem was that my file didn’t update to include a new value in my range into the validation dropdown immediately. I went back to it just recently and it had updated the dropdown to include the new row in the data validation range. If it happens again, I’ll see if I can work out why and come back.


Sure, please feel free to contact us if you face any issues.