Help with the "Auto-Type" plugin

we are new to ONLYOFFICE and so far liking the office suit which is far better than LibreOffice as we use cross-platform tasks such as MacOS, Android, Windows and Ubuntu. However we are facing some serious nagging issue with the plugin “Auto-Type”.

Most of the members of our studio are from non-English speaking countries a plugin such as “Auto-Type” is a great and handy tool for us to do tasks quicker. Now to state the problem is that, for both “Online” and “Office” office suit from ONLYOFFICE the plugin mentioned before is failing to detect the “down-up” arrow key presses. The plugin page clearly states that the

But as you can see the picture no matter how much we press the down arrow , we can not select or apply the suggested word at the editor. However, we can select the word using mouse which is not convenient.

Do give us some info and if any solution exists for this issue, let us know.

Hello @illu-studio

We are checking the situation with Autocomplete plugin. I will inform you once any details come up.

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It has been really long time…
Is there any update/fix/info on this topic ??

Sorry for the delayed response. Currently plugin has a bug that does not allow to navigate through the helper via keyboard, unfortunately. We are already working on it, I will update the thread once issue is resolved.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.