Help: Insert a new empty Row in Spreadsheet via Keyboard Shortcut (Nextcloud)

Dead Ladies and Gentleman,

i tried to create an additional row in Spreadsheets via Shortcut as described in Help ( Keyboard Shortcuts - ONLYOFFICE)

Insert cells Ctrl+⇧ Shift+=

But it doesnt work. It does nothing. In MS Excel i use CTRL+"+" and it adds the new row. What do i do wrong?

Thx in Advance!

Hello @sxhor,

Could you please specify your versions of Nextcloud and Document server?


Nextcloud is 23.0.10 Enterprise

We have tested your issue on the Document Server version 7.2.2, the hotkeys works normally. Please update your version and let us know the results.

Dear all,
I have the same problem with the desktop version and German keyboard layout.
In Germany you can reach the “=” symbol with the key combination “⇧ Shift + 0”.

Deleting rows or cells works fine with the given shortcut.

My OnlyOffice Version (flatpak) is

Thanks for help

Hello @Jevy

Please try using combination STRG+⇧ UMSCHALT++ to insert new cells.

Hello Constantine,

this is working great.

Thank you

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We also tested the new version, works fine now! ThX!

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We are glad to have helped.