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HELP! community server web page do not display correctly

Hello all I have a problem with the community server webpage
It dose not display correctly, and seems to be about some .js file or other front elements (as the picture uploaded)
Can someone help me resolve this? Appreciate!
By the way, the environment info below:
CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810
community server installed with docker image onlyoffice/communityserver

Hi @luorf09
Did the problem occur during the update?

Thanks for reply!
I just newly install the community-server and document-server docker, not update
all docker images are pulled from onlyoffice

Sorry for the delayed response.
i’m so sorry :pleading_face:

Yeah, got it.

  1. What instruction did you use?
  2. Does this problem reproduce in all browsers or only in google chrome?
  3. Do you use a proxy or anything affecting the network?
    4 .Does the issue occur when reinstalling?

Can you send community server logs?


hey @luorf09
Was the issue resolved?
If yes, consider sharing the solution with other users, they might find it helpful too.