Heavy pfd created - how to limit the size of saved pdf from OnylOffice?

Dear all,

I am using OnlyOffice to create power point-like presentation, and I need to save them as pdf. BUT the pdf created are very heavy ( > 30Mo for 15 slides) and not adapted to email transfer.

How to limit the size of the pdf document ?

Is there any way to compress the pdf afterward ?


OS version: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
App version: Desktop Editors version (snap)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website / Other (specify)

Hello @Louise

Note that total size of the presentation heavily depends on its content, i.e. fonts, images, amount of text, etc. During the conversion to a .pdf file format total size of the presentation will increase due to peculiarities of the file format itself.
With that said, unfortunately, there is no way to limit the size of outcoming PDF file neither to compress it afterwards by the means of Desktop Editors.

In relation with the question asked by @Louise, I think a useful feature would be to add the ability to reduce the size of images (and consequently to reduce the size of the file).
In order to be handy, you should be able to choose between reducing the size of a selected picture at a time, or to apply the same (resolution ?) setting to all the pictures of the document.
Could it be added to the desktop editor ?

Hello @arcqus

This suggestion is registered in our internal system under the number 40105.
I have added your request to it. This feature will be added in one of the future versions of Desktop Editors.

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