Heading Styles Missing

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OS version: Linux Mint

I know I’ve seen Heading 1, Heading 2, etc. before, but they seem to be missing now. Headings 7-9 (and other buttons) appear now.

I’ll try to include a partial screenshot below.

Hello @Glsonn
Please let us know the exact version of your OS and version of Desktop Editors. Did you try to reinstall the app?

Linux Mint 20.3 (with Cinnamon desktop)
Desktop Editors

No, I have not tried reinstalling.

This problem is quite limited in scope. I just discovered that, when starting a new document, all the Headings are available.

The missing Headings are only missing in a document that was originally a Google doc.

Here is what I see in the new document.

Could you please try to update your Desktop Editors to v.7.0. If the issue still persists with that specific file after an update, please provide us with this file. We will check it out.

It turns out that I had been using the Flatpak v6 edition. I also had the “regular” v7 edition on my machine.

Unfortunately, v7 shows the same problem with the file in question.

I can’t see a way to attach the file. I would think you could test this by creating your own Google doc, downloading it as a docx, and opening it in OnlyOffice.

Thank you for pointing us to this situation. We reproduced it and we added a bug to internal tracklist (55708). We have started working on it.