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Can the Doc format support grid lines? Or whether there is an upgrade plan. Currently, documents with gridlines will cause display problems

Hello @neeka

Could you share with us screenshots of the problem and the file which has this issue?
Also provide us some info:

  • version of Document Server;
  • storage app type and version (if any is used);
  • connector app version (if connected to storage).

Waiting for your reply.

1、As you can see, first I set the Gridlines option in word and set the gridline width to 33.2pt

2、The first three lines I select snap to grid when document grid is defined

3、The middle three lines I didn’t select **snap to grid when document grid is

4、The last three lines I didn’t select snap to grid when document grid is defined,and set the line spacing to 1.5lines

5、Finally, after uploading the document to onlyoffice and opening it, we can see that the line

1)the document server is 7.1.1
2) not use storage app

Thanks for the provided info.

As for now, ONLYOFFICE Docs does not support this feature. However, we have registered a bug number 45580 to add this feature in future releases.