Can the Doc format support grid lines? Or whether there is an upgrade plan. Currently, documents with gridlines will cause display problems

Hello @neeka

Could you share with us screenshots of the problem and the file which has this issue?
Also provide us some info:

  • version of Document Server;
  • storage app type and version (if any is used);
  • connector app version (if connected to storage).

Waiting for your reply.

1、As you can see, first I set the Gridlines option in word and set the gridline width to 33.2pt

2、The first three lines I select snap to grid when document grid is defined

3、The middle three lines I didn’t select **snap to grid when document grid is

4、The last three lines I didn’t select snap to grid when document grid is defined,and set the line spacing to 1.5lines

5、Finally, after uploading the document to onlyoffice and opening it, we can see that the line

1)the document server is 7.1.1
2) not use storage app

Thanks for the provided info.

As for now, ONLYOFFICE Docs does not support this feature. However, we have registered a bug number 45580 to add this feature in future releases.

May I ask how long it will take to solve it?

I have encountered the same problem, how long will it take to solve it?

Hello @neeka @peterpan

Unfortunately, we do not have estimated time of the implementation of this feature.


One more question, currently only office not support gridlines of office suite, but do we support to parse office doc with gridlines correctly? Such like we could set some parameters during parse docx and make only office compitable with it.


We encountered a problem that we did some research for docx file recently and found that if docx file is configured with gridline, there will be some lastRenderedPageBreak in document.xml file, we guess word will add some blank line once gridline is configured , but onlyoffice will not fullfill the same blank line during parsing the docx file, so when onlyoffice present the same docx file the page count is less than word.

Hello @fantasyxw

Unfortunately, there are no details that I can provide in this regard. Currently we are working on implementation of gridlines and once it is ready, we will notify you.

hello ,
Is there some schedule on it currently?

We are planning to implement them in next major v7.6 release but time frames may shift.

Thank you folks,
Have some questions, we are doing research on only office online document editor
1.Does document editor was implemented based on WOPI?
2.There are some C++ projects under server-core respository, what these projects used for
3.We would like to look into these c++ projects and understand which project was used for processing word document ,like how the code process “docGrid” attribate in document.xml of word,

Please note that these questions are not related to the main topic of this thread. I’d ask you to create new threads for these questions to avoid mixing up topics. Thank you.

Appologize for the wrong thread here , we will post it in other thread :slight_smile: