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Google drive only open onlyoffice portal, not directly open the file

Hi there,
I’m a Chromebook user so I usually open work file ( doc, sheet, ppt ) from my google drive using onlyoffice personal. Everything works flawlessly (directly open the file ) before the upgrade to onlyoffice 6.4, but after the upgrade to 6.4, opening any working file from google drive only get me to the onlyoffice portal and require me to log in to onlyoffice and from there I have to navigate to my file before opening it. Is there something I missed or this is the new onlyoffice personal?

my chrome version : 94.0.4606.124

Try to to disconnect Google Drive Account (Add Account > Select Goorle Drive in the list of connected accounts > Delete third-party). After that connect it once again.

Thanks for the reply, but it didn’t work.
I have done it before coming here and as per your reply, I’ve done it again plus I revoke the access for onlyoffice personal from my google drive, logout, clear cache, add it again, make it default app…still only get me to the portal

I forwarded the issue to our QA Specialists. The testing may take some time. Sorry for the delay.

Thank you for the effort

Our technical specialists confirm that the problem exists. They are doing their best to resolve the issue, but there is no exact time frame. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.