Hello , I am trying out macro in spreadsheet.
I realised that there is getValue function which return us 1st value of current range.

May I know if it is possible to get the whole range of values instead of 1st value of the range.

Hello, maybe i would like to post the screenshot. It will explain better.

I would like to append “a b c” instead of “a a a”

hello, does anybody know if we are able to get the whole array instead of 1st value using macro.

Hello @spacezmonkey
Unfortunately there’s no way to achieve your scenario at the moment. But we are already looking into it (internal number - 51619). Probably, we will add necessary methods to the next major version of Document Server (v.7.1), but I cannot provide you with guarantees at the moment since we are still working on it.

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hello @Alexandre thank you very much for your explanation. I am using a similar function in google sheet script and is exploring the possibilities of switching to onlyoffice.