GetReviewReport error when coediting


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Calling from a plugin to the DocBuilder function “GetReviewReport” gives false positives changes when editing a document using the following permissions:

    "permissions": {
        "edit": false,
        "review": true

To reproduce the problem, just type modifications and then do Undo (one or several times) or remove some of the reviews. So then you’ll have a list like the following

However, if I save the document and re open it, the “GetReviewReport” returns empty.


Document Server version: 7.4.1 web
Installation method:
OS: docker
Browser version: chrome

Hello @humbol

What do you mean by Undo and or remove some of the reviews? Is it possible to record a video demonstration on how to reproduce the issue? Possibly I misunderstand the scenario.

By the way, do you test this in particular integration or in built-in example?