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Getactivecell,in doc(cell) which is opened with onlyoffice documentserver?

how to get activecell in doc(cell) which is opened with onlyoffice documentserver?
and how to change the content in cell which is opened with onlyoffice documentserver? api?

Here is an example macro:

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Thank you for your reply!

The problem is that it may be inconvenient to use macros to solve problems. For example, the cells where I need to modify values change, so I shouldn’t edit the macro code every time.

My expectation is to modify the value of the cell through JS code outside the iframe. Is there a way? Or front-end API interface

Or I want to write code through my application to affect the document values within the integrated framework.

You can write a plugin that would use these methods to modify cell values.

write a plugin is not the best way for me。Because the plug can’t be part of my complete code.

Is there a way like docbuilder API to change the files opened in DS? For example, getactivecell(); Setactive(), etc

You cannot change the document that is currently opened in the editor with the builder. The only way to use builder methods in an edited document is plugin/macro.

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