Get PageNumber of Paragraph and/or run

I have a use case that forces me to figure out on what page of a given document a certain word appears.

I was hoping to find a Getter Method in the API, but only came up with AddPageNumber which writes the current page number into the document.

As it can do that, I wonder if there is anyway to get to the underlying method that is getting the page number, so I could use it inside my scripts?

Hello @gauguerilla

At this moment there is no direct method to get page number where specified range is located. An enhancement suggestion to add such method was registered earlier, I am adding your request to it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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thanks so much @Constantine ! Really appreciate it!

Can you link to the enhancement suggestion? Or is it closed?

I’m afraid I don’t have such info. We will notify you once it is implemented and new version with this enh is available to download.

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