Generate Hyperlink to another document in OnlyOffice

We are currently doing a trial with an on-premise version of OnlyOffice using the WOPI Integration. Our Document Server is running the exe on a VM.

One of our required use cases is that our end users need to be able to edit multiple documents and create links between those documents. I know OnlyOffice has a hyperlink function but I’m unsure if there is an easy way for our users to link the documents via OnlyOffice URLs.

Has anyone successfully implemented a solution like this? As the linked documents are edited do those hyperlinks persist or are they broken as the document versions change?

Hello @Herron78
As far as I can see, you have already contacted colleagues of mine with the same question via Zendesk. Please do not post the same request in different communication channels. For other users, the hyperlinks mechanism is described in this title: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Inserting external data

My apologies, just wanted to see if the community has come up with any outside the box ways to accomplish this.