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Garbled .docx documents with NextCloud integration

Document Server version: the latest one pulled from docker 2 days ago
Connector version: 7.6.8
DMS (platform) version: NextCloud 25.0.1
OS: Windows 11

Hi! Our users report that after editing and saving .docx documents in OnlyOffice from within NextCloud, when opening the file a second time that document is completely garbled. We are attaching the screenshots that were provided to us. Could anyone help? Thank you!

Here’s the second screenshot, the system was restricting us to one image per post.

Hello @mgarofano
This is really strange. Is it possible to provide us with test account to your Nextcloud portal? This way we will check out the issue on the spot. If so, please cntact me via PM.

Also please go to Document server welcome page (http://domain_name/welcome) > enable integrated example > check out if the issue reproduces there.
By the way, is the issue related to all files or specific ones only?