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Galaxy Tab S7 book Cover Keybord

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Device: Galaxy Tab S7 / Book cover Keybord
OS version: Androi 11
App version: 5.2.1
Mode: On Device

On Galxy Tab S7 with Samsung Book Cover Keybord, some Keys dosen’t work correctly:

  • Space Key produces two spaces instead of one
  • Arrow Keys work like Backspace Key
  • Enter Key does not work mostley. If it works the cursor goes back to previous line when i start Typing

Other Issues on Galaxy Tab S7:
Linesspacing rests every time
New Line space resets everrrs time

Hope you can help me.

Greetings S.


here is an Update. In the meantime my Galaxy Tab was updated to Android 12.

Chnges in Onlyoffice:
Enter Key works always like the Backspace Key
Not only on Book Coveer Keybord, also on on Screen Keybord

Hello @stefan
We reproduced mentioned issues and added a few bugs to internal tracklist (internal numbers - 54859, 54860, 54861),
We started working on it. Thank you for pointing us to this situation.

Hello @Alexandre,

thank you for caring abut the bud i reported.

This week Onlyoffice was updated to Verssion 5.3.0

Here are the changes on book Cover Keybord:

Enter Key works, but the produes two new lines
Arrow Keys are working
Backspace Key ist working
Del Key does nocht work at all
Space Key ist producing two spaces

Samsung onscreen Keybord is working excet the Arrow Keys and the Del Key

Hello @stefan
We are checking the situation, I will update this post, when I get any news.

We are able to reproduce the issue with Del button. We added a bug to out internal tracklist (internal number - 55188).

Today another update came, but nothing is better than before. This app is still unusable on my tablet.

Hello @stefan
I just checked bugs, which were mentioned in this post. All of them are fixed in android app v.5.4.0.
Please provide us with details. What exactly did you face? We will appreciate step-by-step scenario in case you face any issue.