Fs storage - keep original file names

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Hello. I’m trying selfhosted version, and looking for the files in the filesystem I see they are renamed to content.mp3 and similar, instead of maintaining the original filename.

Is there a way that Onlyoffice can keep the original filenames when using fs storage?


Hello, @dncpax :handshake:

Unfortunately, there is no capability to change the file storage structure in OnlyOffice Workspace Community.

That’s really unfortunate…

Thanks for replying.

Hey @dncpax
Provide detailed information on how your suggestion can be useful/convenient, and we will review it!

Hey again.

I would like to have readonly access to my files “outside” onlyoffice, so I can copy/backup without depending on a functional onlyoffice instance.
In a failure scenario I would just grab my disk and have access to my files.

That’s my use case.

Thanks for looking into it.

hey :slight_smile:
But you can already create backups of the Data folder independently, regardless of OnlyOffice backups.

yes, but in a hardware/software failure I wouldn’t have access to my files without onlyoffice, right? Only to the backups…


If you have access to the file system of the server where ONLYOFFICE Community Server is installed, you have access to all files.


In general, yes, we recommend making backups more frequently so that in case of any issues, there is an option to roll back to a previous backup. This ensures that users retain their file permissions and file names.

Yes, true. The issue I have is the names get replaced.

I understand, but the decision was made to implement this specific file system.

Regarding your scenario, I am currently unclear about why you are hesitant to create backups of portal data using OnlyOffice.