Forum page not working in Firefox

Hello @Todd

Have you tried resetting browser cache before accessing Forum again? Do you see any errors in the developer tools (browser console) when opening it?

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Yes I have. No error mesasges. View Topic does not work in Firefox either

Nikolas over on

came up with a work around. Strangely, Firefox does work when replying in Private Window, but does not work in Safe Mode. In private Windows you can see the forum, but clicking on “New” get you nowhere.

Does this tell you how to fix it?

@Todd I can’t replicate your issue:

Firefox does work when replying in Private Window

That means you you have an issue with your cookies. You can use the web developer toolbar to delete all cookies just for the domain, and try again.


That was it. Thank you! I had a bad cookie. But I could not find your instructios, so I did the following: