Formulartextfelder in PDF passen sich nicht Textlänge an

Hi Community

I work with version 7.5 locally on Linux workstations.

I have created a form (.docxf) with inline text input fields. I configured the fields with the most necessary settings for who can fill in, what you can fill in and entered a placeholder.

I then created a PDF from the form (save as) and opened it with Acrobat Reader Version 9 and other PDF readers to test whether the fields are there and I can fill them out correctly.

Now I have the problem that the text fields in the PDF document do not adapt to the length of the text I enter, which means the text is not completely visible.

Now I’m not sure which setting I have to click on in OO Editor so that the form fields in the PDF adapt to the length of the text.

Sorry, I can’t upload the forms here because the system doesn’t want me to.

Maybe one of you can help me.

Greetings from Switzerland.

Hello, @Marc79 :handshake:

Could you please attach the files to confirm the issue? (.pdf and .docx)
It would be great to include a video demonstrating the problem, but I believe two files should be sufficient. Thank you!

You can upload the necessary files to an external storage and insert a link for downloading them into the post.