Formula not working in some columns

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Hello !

In some rows a formula outputs a #REF! error.

You can check the following doc :slight_smile: [INFRA] Suivi facturation Webmarketing récurrent (1).xlsx - Grids

Cell K77 → #REF! error.
Cell M77 → Good Result with the same formula as K77

The same file in Excel has no problem in K77 - Same result as M77.

Hi @David.icw,

Thank you for the provided file. We have reproduced the issue and are currently analyzing it. I will let you know the results.

Hello Carl,

Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

I made further tests and find out a solution :

The cells in column K and the lines from 66 to 77 contain a formula that sums up all the values in column K.
This causes problems, as another cell (like K77) tries to calculate a value that contains the above-mentioned formula.
In order to get the desired result I need to specify ranges (e.g., K1:K60) instead of the entire K column in cells 66 to 77.

What misled me is that this function returns the correct result in Excel, but not in Onlyoffice.

I don’t know if you could evolve the function in Onlyoffice so that it works like in Excel?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @David.icw,

We have reproduced the issue and registered a bug. When the fix is released, we will let you know.