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Formula Editor Bug!

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I type my formula in Onlyoffice, I type y_0 after the alphabet “x” with blank for getting the xy_0. But, finally I get result as shown in picture, The y_0 get before the “x”, could you tell me why?

Community Server/Control Panel version: manjaro kde, Linux version 5.15.7-1-MANJARO (builduser@fv-az131-228)
Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
OS: I don’t know. the onlyoffice exits in my system
Browser version:

so many bugs in formula editor, how can I use it? I feel quit tired for onlyoffice.

Hello @berlinzhang

As far as I understand, you are using Desktop Editors. I have checked xy_0 in equalation and it works. Please see my recorded video.

Please let us know your version of Desktop Editors ( ONLYOFFICE tab > About).

If I misunderstood your request or my test is incorrect, please provide us with detail (step-by-step how to reproduce the issue or a file where issue is reproducible).

How can I deliver the video to you? I verify the situation, it is not just “xy_0”, you can get the detail in my video.

Give me you email.

Hello @berlinzhang
If you have prepared a video file with whole issue scenario, you can upload it to some external storage and provide us with download link.

Give me you email.

Please note, we don’t provide support via email. If provided data contains sensitive information, you also can contact me via PM.
We are looking forward to your reply.

I provide the baidunetdisk links for you.
This is link:
And then input the info after you open the link: 11gs

It’s one of the bugs which I met. I feel it’s quite unfriendly for equation editing.

Thank you for provided video.
We just released Desktop Editors v.7.0. Could you please run an update and check if the issue still persists.

em…, I have learn latex. I will try the new version when I get instrest in it.

By the way, my operation system is linux. has the Desktop Editors v7.0 for linux released?

Yes, it is released for all supported OS already: ONLYOFFICE desktop and mobile apps | ONLYOFFICE

em…,It seems that it’s not easy to install the new version in my pc. My linux distribution is manjaro and when I install the new version software in my pc my shell hint that onlyoffice need ‘fonts-crosextra-carlito’, ‘fonts-dejavu’, ‘fonts-opensymbol’ and ‘x11-common’. How can I resolve these problems?

My system may be lack of some fonts, I haven’t download the whole windows fonts for my manjaro, but I can’t understand what the x11-common is? Is it a driver or other else?