Formula being translated into the wrong language after closing document

When using a formula to convert a numerical date into a written day of the week, everything works correctly. However, when closing and reopening the document, the days of the week appear in English, even though the program is configured for my default language (Portuguese). It seems to be some kind of initialization problem with the program that translates the formulas, because if I delete the formulas and rewrite them, they are in Portuguese, but when closing and reopening the document it is in English again.

hey @camaraitupeva
This is most likely a bug. :handshake:

Thank you for the pic!
We are checking the situation.
I will let you know when I get something.

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HI @camaraitupeva
We reproduced these problems and added the bugs to our internal tracking system.

We will strive to fix this issue by the next release and appreciate your assistance and bug report for product improvement! :hugs: