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Form Formulas

Nextcloud AIO Docker version: 1.7.0 (Nextcloud 24.0.3)
OnlyOffice Connector version: 7.5.4 (OnlyOffice Container version:

I like how there are formulas for table cells, however, it would be nice to be able to utilize formulas with form text fields. Using the “Key” property attribute, this might be able to be used like a bookmark. That way if a person setup a formula for a table cell to reference certain filled text fields, it could add up the number in those fields.

In the example below, hours filled in for certain jobs in a day can be summed up in that day:

And at the end, the total for all days could be summed:

Though when I tested the table formula, it only ran when the user clicked to save the formula. It did not actively update if other cells were updated.


The tables work the same way as in Microsoft Word right now. If you need table formulas to work the same as in Microsoft Excel’s recalculable formulas, please try to use our spreadsheet editor.

We are planning on releasing OLE-objects tables in the next version of ONLYOFFICE Docs. Hope it will help you.

The release is planned for autumn.

Ok, thank you. I will have to wait until the release this Autumn.