Form creation contest: create a template using OFORMs and win ONLYOFFICE Home Server!

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ONLYOFFICE forms are not only for business agreements and sales documentation, they can also be practical in daily life and quite fun. Want to explore what you can do with OFORMs? Participate in our contest and win a guaranteed prize. Details below.

Form creation contest: create a template using OFORMs and win ONLYOFFICE Home Server!

The idea

The rules are simple. In this contest, we decided to let participants pick and create any daily document that everyone deals with – a grocery shopping list, a resume, a class schedule, or even something more complex like a balance sheet. Using ONLYOFFICE forms? In ONLYOFFICE Docs, build a template that will make the task for its potential users seamless, productive, and pleasant.

Feel free to be creative, add colors and decorations, include any attributes that you think can be helpful. Think out of the box – maybe this is you who will invent a brand new approach to doing shopping or calculating production costs in a small business.

Your example can be narrowed down to a particular case, there’s no requirement for the form’s universality. Think big and small!

Here are some ready examples from us to get some inspiration:

Form creation contest: create a grocery list using OFORMs and win ONLYOFFICE Home Server!

You can use any version of Docs to access forms, including ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors and ONLYOFFICE Personal.

Watch our webinar to learn about using ONLYOFFICE forms, or read a How-To article in our blog:

How to participate

Once you finish the form and decide that it is ready to submit, send it to and wait for our team’s response. Please use “ONLYOFFICE form creation contest” as a title so we don’t miss your email.

We accept your submissions until 7 July 2022.


What you get

We decided that it is fair to reward all participants for the effort, and give a 6-month ONLYOFFICE Home Server license to everyone.

We will choose three shopping lists that we liked the most, and reward their creators with a 2-year license of ONLYOFFICE Home Server to use ONLYOFFICE Docs for free in any sharing platform without worrying about spending for a long time!

Besides, we will include these three forms in the Form Library, so the whole world can discover use your lists for their shopping.

The winners will be announced on 31 July 2022.

Let’s go!